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Mothers Who Spank and Get Spanked

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Expression (Optional mood/title along with your name) Examples: (happy, sad, The Joyful, etc.) help) Re: Spanking patterns, rituals; advantages, disadvantages and spanking effectiveness -- Shannon, 03:45:31 08/07/23 Mon A minute later, Mum returned to explain how they planned the whole thing. She sat next to me in the lounge, gave me a hug and asked me if I was OK about it. She also asked me if I wanted to talk about anything, and said that if I did in the future she would always be there for me. We walked with bowed heads to the bench and sat down. “She’s going to spank us,” said Kristie. “Yup, definitely,” Denise answered. I sat there not knowing what to expect. I had been wanting this spanking for weeks, but now that it might actually happen – and even take place in a public park – I was feeling a twinge in my stomach. Your mum has given me as long as it takes to deal with you myself, you naughty boy.” She advanced on me, took my hand and led me towards a chair that had evidently been turned around in preparation for my arrival. I could see where this was going! I could see where I was going, too – across Adams mum’s knee! It was a proper set up, an ambush! Things were starting to fall into place. The two mothers even used the same language.

At breakfast, Dad seemed oblivious to the previous evening’s proceedings. If he knew I had been across Mum’s knee, he did a fine job of not showing it. For her part, Mum caught my eye a and raised her eyebrows once or twice at me. There was no mention of the spanking, however, and I was given my usual cereal, as if nothing had happened. Re: "Cute Butt" paddled red hott--2 spankings here as well -- Debbie to Lois, 22:41:23 11/01/23 Wed Growing up, I don’t think I was ever actually punished in any significant way. No grounding, sending to my room or removal of toys and games. Nothing. I countered by saying that I was too old to be spanked, and asked what would happen if I simply refused to submit to the punishment, as she wasn’t my parent nor my teacher. This was actually very untypical and rather daring of me – but Aunt Pam simply said that I was most certainly not too old to be spanked. “Boys are at their naughtiest in their teens – they need more spanking rather than less as they get older!” she said.We were very much disgusted when we read in "The Evening World" a letter written by a Brooklyn mother. She says she spanks her daughter-in-law. What kind of a woman is she that would let her her husband"s mother expose and and make her kneel down on the floor and use a rattan on her. It is bad enough to hear about the husband treating his wife that way, but when it comes to the mother-in-law we think it is time to stop. We would be pleased to hear from the daughter- in- law, and let us know how she likes spanking and what the sensation is like . If we daughters-in-law only knew "Brooklyn Mother's" reception day, we might pay her a visit and use the rattan until she had to go to the hospital for a month or two. We advise all daughters-n-law to take the above receipt from. I'm pleased to announce that I've just published a new story collection, Twelve of the Best: Volume 13! Despite being a stern disciplinarian, Kate was also a very loving mom. She showered her daughters with hugs and kisses, liked to play and joke around with her them when they were being good, and comforted them after they had been punished. Then I heard her trot out this little ditty. “Spank a boy and do it right, trousers down, pants up tight. And if he smiles when he should frown, then spank him with his pants right down.” With that, Aunt Pam pulled my jeans down, exposing my underpants. My face was now near to the floor and I remember clearly the smell of the carpet, mixed with tobacco smoke as Doreen lit up a cigarette. Re: Spanking while dressed nice or in jeans, shorts, skirt? -- Vanessa (Abel’s Mom), 01:03:12 10/18/23 Wed

The Cheater's Lesson: Miss Clark suspects twins Simon and Jason Fox of cheating on a take-home test. When she brings in their mum to investigate the matter further, Mrs Fox admits that she helped them with the test. At this school, both students and parents are held accountable for bad behaviour, so Mrs Fox is brought to the Punishment Room to be caned.Though the spankings were both uncomfortable and embarrassing, the upside was that once it was over, it was over and it was very rare that there were groundings or other restrictions attached to them. My Dad began dating a woman named Kate, and by the time of my summer visit in 1984 she and her kids were living with him. Kate was an attractive woman in her early 30s and had two daughters from a previous marriage – Denise, who was eight at the time, and six-year-old Kristie. Were the mother-in-laws protecting there son's or are we reading about another kind of relationship that was veiled in everyday language or perhaps the participants didn't even know what was happening themselve. Spanking is not fun for me, I get no enjoyment from it, I get no sense of power, no sense of “victory.” But I do feel it is necessary at times. I believe I have a daughter who is respectful, kind, empathetic, loving, and well behaved because the option of spanking is in the “bag of discipline” techniques. She is also those things because I keep the value of nurturing just as much as the value of discipline. When any discipline occurs whether it be spanking or otherwise, shortly afterward, I always talk to my daughter and clearly explain why the discipline occurred and that I love her. In fact, when writing this post I decided to nonchalantly interview my 5-year-old daughter on the topic. Here are her responses:

Katherine's Attitude Adjustment: 37-year-old Katherine has been in something of a funk every since her husband left her for a younger woman. Her daughter, Isobel, is fed up with her attitude and enlists the help of Miss Thomas, a surrogate disciplinarian, whose methods typically result in very sore bottoms for her clients. Repeated offenses where my child’s safety is in danger. I believe in natural consequences and lots of times these work on their own. For example, try to balance on a ball, you will most likely fall; run in flip flops you might trip and scrape your knees. Usually, a warning verbal explanation is given and then if the natural consequence occurs that serves to teach my daughter the “cause and effect” of that action. However, there are some safety issues I am not willing to allow for natural consequences to occur if I can help it. When my daughter was around 2 years old, she went through the phase of wanting to run away from us, in fact often she would run towards the road. We obviously could run faster than her and catch her at the time, and we tried initially in 2-year-old words to tell her firmly to not run towards to road. We also had her sit in timeout (which usually actually works very well for my daughter and I will elaborate more on later). Redirection would work sometimes but not consistently. So as her parents, we decided that if our daughter ran from us and did not stop when verbally asked to she would receive a spanking. And she did, we actually only had to spank her 2 or 3 times for this behavior before she connected the dots and stopped running away with just a verbal warning and soon after stopped altogether. The point is this, I am much more okay with my daughter getting a swat on the bottom then risking her being hit by a car the one time I do not catch her in time. The same goes for touching a hot stove, putting things in an outlet. Or like a close a friend of my mine, after seeing her 4-year daughter lean out a second story window without the screen in it. Re: What does your brush, implement look like, where is it kept -- naughty boy, 14:28:59 10/01/23 SunUnforeseen Consequences: This story features spankings aplenty. 39-year-old mother, Miranda, not only spanks her son when required, but also her 61-year-old mother. She also spanks her friend Karen, with whom she enjoys a sexual relationship. Karen in turn gets disciplinary spankings from her own 18-year-old daughter. Re: Spanking patterns, rituals; advantages, disadvantages and spanking effectiveness -- Karen, 10:02:37 08/07/23 Mon A few days later, when my visit was almost over, Kate and my Dad sat all three of us kids down and made an announcement – they were getting married.

As I went through the rest of my school day, squirming in hard chairs, feeling a little feverish, I mentally played the ‘how long will I be grounded for’ game. It’s amazing I didn’t get in trouble again that day, for not paying attention. Mum asked her friend: “That should satisfy his curiosity for a while, don’t you think?” Adam’s mum nodded, smiled warmly at me and replied: “Oh, I should think so! If not, bring him over to me and we’ll make double sure!” I did find the atmosphere of spanking that was around in every facet of cultural life quite exciting; forbidden, terrifying, and yet intriguing. At my primary school I was once sent to the headmaster for playfully spanking a girl’s bottom – but instead of getting the cane (which is what usually happened if you were sent to the head) he just scooped me up in one movement, slapped my behind three times and told me to never to do that again. I was otherwise a model pupil, so I guess I’d earned some credit points. For example, if my child has decided to start running off on me when we are in public places, particularly parking lots, the natural consequence would be to allow them to receive whatever injury would come from that behavior. Of course, we know this is extreme and not acceptable. Instead, my response would be to safely gather my child, and assuming that a clear warning was given before, to administer a spanking either in the enclosed car, or when we arrived home. Don’t be a stranger,” was the last thing I heard Mum say as the door closed. I just stood there, enjoying the afterglow.

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When I finally got there, my mom was sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the door. There was none of the calm coldness of Mrs Jamison. Rather, the fire of anger animated her entire face. The following true story took place in the summer of 1984, when I was nine years old. My parents had divorced two years earlier. Since then, I had lived with my mom in New England, and had spent four weeks every summer with my dad at his home in Georgia.

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