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Spanked by Her Aunt Sally

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I was a brat growing up. My parents were the most permissive you ever saw. They let me get away with anything. They gave me anything I wanted. I had a wonderful life with them. At least I thought so. She then started unsnapping my pants and pulled them down, then told me to step out of them. Next, she pulled down my boxers and again told me to step out. My aunt hadn’t really seen me naked since I was a baby, but I didn’t mind because I knew it was just between me and her.

Taken To The Woodshed - Domestic Discipline Taken To The Woodshed - Domestic Discipline

After 15 Swats and ten left to come I was given a choice. Either I could continue to count them or my aunt would do all ten fast and hard to just my sit spots. There were a few moments of total silence, as though the world had stopped. Then movement from inside, a figure on the other side of the stained glass, and the door opened. We looked at each other for a moment, before she nodded and stood to one side, opening the door more widely to let me come in. I believe I am similar to many other disciplinarians in my likes and dislikes. We all like the basic courtesies in life, so please arrive at the session showered, well-groomed and with pleasant but not excessive after shave or cologne. Ensure your clothes are clean without dirty collars and please don’t wear greying undergarments.Aunt Karen stood me up and gave me a nice long hug for about a minute, telling me why she had spanked me, and that she loved me. I said I loved her too and thanked her for spanking me. Then she took off my shirt and put my boxers on, and put my pants and shirt in the laundry. I was asleep when my mom came home. As she promised, my aunt didn’t mention anything about spanking me, just telling my mother that I was down for a nice nap. There was nothing outstanding about the interior. It seemed like a home. Aunt Christine gave me the grand tour of the house. Two bathrooms, one upstairs, one downstairs, bedrooms upstairs (both hers and mine), kitchen, dining room and living room. She told me to sit down in the living room, which I did. She sat down across from me and said

The swimming pool – Maman: spanking memories: mothers

This sounds pretty normal really, like others have said a lot of people are turned on by being spanked. You'll probably enjoy it more as you grow up. What did your mom m spank you with most of the time. What were the worst two spankings you got from mom? You ever see your siblings get spanked as teenagers too? When I was about 13 or 14 a friend and I got caught out of bounds at school when we supposed to be in lessons. The Principle phoned both our parents and we were sent home. I knew for me that meant a good hiding. Of course I was scared to death but all the way home (and believe me I took the long way) I was thinking about all the different scenarios - was I going to get my legs strapped, or be slippered, had my parents managed to get hold of a dreaded cane? When would it happen, what was it going to feel like, would my mum wait for my dad to do it etc...?

The Razor Strap (Strop)

They were afforded no modesty whatsoever and would have to sit half naked on that kitchen chair, sometimes with several other relatives nearby. I could see they were humiliated by it and tried their best to cover themselves with their hands. I could also see how much pain they were in and as old as my male cousin was, he still openly cried when he was beaten. If Mum was going to spank me I would be told to undo my pants and bend over ready for them to be taken down during the spanking.Soon after this my underpants would then also be taken down for her to finish the last part of my punishment on my bare bottom I want you to sleep in your uniform tonight so you get used to it." "Yes Aunt Christine." I replied. I was amazed. I had been spanked by my parents and my aunt before, but those spankings were always done in private. I had never seen or imagined a grown-up giving a child an over-the-knee spanking in a public setting like that. Although there was no-one else using the playground at the time, I’m sure that people driving by on the road must have noticed.

I was aroused after being punished by my mom. Freaked out by

I can drive hungry," my Dad informed my Aunt. "But what about your kids, Junior? I bet they want to eat, don't you kids?" My siblings and I gave Dad the "Bambi Eyes". For once they worked. Sometimes they worked, even on Dad. Mom was easier.I was unsure of what to do. Something didn't feel at all right. I obeyed. I stripped down to my underpants. Soon my t-shirt and elastic wasteland shorts were on the floor next to me. I sat down again. The associate principle gave me a note to take home to my folks. I knew I was gonna be in big trouble because I'd been warned about what might happen. So I wasn't that suprised when after my moms read the note she strapped my bottom with a belt. Oh and don’t try to create situations where your mum have to strap you, it would be selfish and not very fair to her (and she might cotton on). Nothing to be ashamed of. Some people get aroused when they are spanked, this is normal, if unfortunate when you are young and in danger of getting spanked.. lol She did everything herself and I was expected to stand perfectly still. She'd take my pants down usually to my knees and lecture me during it and after I was standing there in my underwear.

My first from Kate – Maman: spanking memories: mothers My first from Kate – Maman: spanking memories: mothers

The top and bottom of this was that Steven became an increasingly disruptive influence on our household and our relationship. I bit my lip and stood my ground for a couple of months, then on a phone call to my mom, I unloaded to her about the problems we were having. having gone to Catholic school we wore skirts or jumpers most of the time.. Mom would put us over her knee usually seated on a kitchen chair raise our skirt or jumper or dress if it was Sunday pull down our panties and take the wooden spoon to our bare bottoms before she was done the panties would work there way down and be on the floor, If we were in for the belt from dad then we would have to bend over the couch skirt raised and dad would take our panties off for the belt. If a kitchen chair was in the middle of the kitchen with a wooden spoon on it when we got home you knew someone of the six of us was in for a bare bottom spanking My aunt hooked her fingers into my panties and pulled them down to my knees. I was horrified. Now bare bottomed getting a spanking like a little kid. I worried that someone might decide to come into the office. If we came in to work what if some one else did. I didn't have much time to worry about this as my aunt began my spanking again. In the next few weeks, I saw Denise and Kristie get spanked during trips to the grocery store, the mall and the movie theatre, as well as the playground. Interestingly, neither of the girls seemed to feel any sense of embarrassment about it. They talked about their spankings very matter-of-factly, and did not think it unusual to be spanked in front of strangers.My sister was in the room with Aunt Janet. Shannon was displaced to a sleeping bag in the living room. She didn't complain, as this meant she would get to stay up longer. Well, queue time lapse blur and here we are many, many moons later. We’ve evolved into a mutually and consensual agreement where she will give me a real domestic discipline spanking for offenses we’ve both deemed spank-able offenses. While I will get a punishment spanking on occasion (about monthly), I get taken to the “woodshed” about 3 or 4 times a year. Getting taken to the woodshed has become the name for getting THE (or one of the) worst spankings of my life. Our bedroom transforms into “the woodshed” for this type of spanking. And while she used to use just the razor strap, she then changed the protocol to be a belt spanking first (with her meanest belt), immediately followed by a razor strapping. There is no safeword during these spankings (although I imagine if I did say my safeword, she’d probably stop. BUT…that wouldn’t be a real spanking then, would it? 🤔 Besides, I agreed to be held accountable in this way and am man enough to take what she has deemed necessary by way of corporal punishment. Even if it means her reducing me to tears sometimes.) Note to readers: This is not a true story, However I wish most days that my aunt would take me in hand like this. Maybe I wouldn't be such a brat then. Do you think you behaviour is appropriate, mature, constructive – in general, is it how it should be?’ Meanwhile, I was realizing that this didn't feel half bad, and was struggling inwardly with the fact that this was a punishment. My mother finished diapering me, then said, "Now you go out to the living room, and tell everyone goodnight."

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